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The Vie luxury hybrid mattress range

Vie represents the pinnacle of luxury hybrid mattress design. Comfortable. Healthy. Affordable. Luxurious.

Vie is about comfort

Vie is about health

Vie is about style

Vie is about life

Vie is about luxury

Exquisite styling and uncompromising craftmanship. Vie employ the finest materials. Premium, multi-layered memory foams with cooling gel infusion are combined with deep pocket springs to provide a luxuriously cool and comfortable sleeping surface.

Vie Memory Hybrid Pillow on teal

Vie luxury memory pillow

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Vie Memory Hybrid Mattress on grey

Vie in pictures

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An introduction to Vie

Vie is a luxury hybrid mattress design company based in the UK. Each of our products deliver exceptional quality, ergonomic design and contemporary style.

Every Vie mattress is manufactured to the highest industry standard and offers an advanced sleeping system of supportive layers which include cooling gel layers, premium memory foam and full size pocket springs to help improve circulation, keep you comfortable and cool and provide all over pressure relief.

Our mattresses are delivered rolled, for practicality, convenience and ease of delivery and magically expand into a deep, sumptous sleeping surface that will provide long lasting use and a healthy, restorative sleep.

Soft cover fabrics, hand crafted detailing and meticulous attention to detail further set Vie apart. Try a Vie mattress or pillow and enjoy a perfect blend of support and contoured comfort that is amongst the best in the world.

Luxury hybrid mattresses

Vie Deluxe Mattress on teal

The Vie mattress range combines the latest in hybrid technology. Multiple premium memory foam layers and high densities of deep pocket springs contour to your body to keep your spine aligned and supported. Cool Gel infused layers help diffuse body heat and an aerated edge to edge border adds further cooling, breathability and support and helps you move independently without disturbing your partner’s sleep.

Vie is about comfort, health, style and luxury.

Hybrid design

All Vie mattresses are designed with pocket springs and multiple memory foam and Cool Gel layers to give you the best combination of comfort, cooling and body moulding support.

Full size pocket springs

Many hybrid mattresses use only small ‘micro’ springs. All Vie mattress utilise full size springs to deliver the maximum amount of support and a more comfortable sleep.

Premium memory foam

Thick, multiple layers of memory foam are combined in a Vie mattress with up to 3,000 Vie pocket springs to give the perfect ratio of medium firm support and provide a breathable sleeping surface with cooling airflow.


Good sleep and rest are pivotal to a happy and healthier life. Whether you are a busy professional, enjoy sports, or just enjoy an active life, you will find a Vie mattress provides perfect spinal support and alignment and welcome relief for aching back and limbs.

Luxury & style

Vie products are styled in the UK and incorporate contemporary design features with luxurious finishing and premium components that will add a touch of style and glamour to any bedroom. From the luxurious covers, to the sumptuous interior design, Vie is the new name for luxury in Hybrid mattress design.


Vie means life. Products that have been scientifically tested to ensure they provide exceptional performance, so that you can live your life to the full. Every day. C’est la Vie!

  • Cool gel layer
  • Deep pocket springs
  • Removable cover
  • Memory foam

Luxury gel memory pillow

Vie Mattress Hybrid Pillow front

Vie luxury gel memory pillows utilise the latest advances in memory foam technology with advanced Cooling Gel to provide exceptional comfort and support. An ergonomically constructed exterior and interior adapts to the natural contours of the head and neck and regulates temperature and air-flow. Try the Vie pillow with any Vie mattress and discover a more relaxing sleep.